Your iPhone Can Light Up The Apple Logo Just Like A MacBook!


    You may not be Steve Jobs but rather you need to be one, correct? One of the real changes conveyed by the Apple man to this world was the advancement of iPhone. You wouldn’t be associated with the web through your telephone at this moment in the event that it wouldn’t be for what he made years back. What he didn’t do is put a gleaming light at the back of an iPhone too simply as he did with the MacBook. What’s more, from that point forward individuals have been endeavoring to change over their iPhones into MacBook, not physically but rather simply making endeavors for the Apple logo on iPhone has returned to gleam quite recently like that of a MacBook.

    While individuals are in the wake of anticipating what the following model will resemble, why not figure out how to roll out a few improvements to the present model. Here’s something for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus holders which can enable you to make your iPhone more one of a kind even among the cluster of iPhone owners.


    Presently, what you should be prepared with is a toolbox (said underneath) in light of the fact that you wouldn’t need any of the moment parts inside the handset to fall somewhere else or get harmed. Something else, on the off chance that you lose any of it, at that point you will require significantly something beyond the accompanying manual for get your iPhone working once more.


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    3. Expel the two screws from the base of the telephone.

    4. Stick the suction container with the screen, accessible in the unit.

    This will help you to pull off the screen effortlessly and put the pry device underneath and isolate it from the base.

    5. Take out the silver metal plate and the connectors to isolate the screen.

    6. Take out the connectors from this region to evacuate the battery.

    You can utilize a spread blade to do this however be watchful, so you don’t destroy any of the parts.

    7. Rub off the tape that is stuck on the screen.

    In the wake of expelling the tape, you will have the capacity to see the three metal connectors and the screen should look the same as appeared in the picture.

    8. With the assistance of the screwdriver, peel off the silver layer as appeared.

    Keep it securely aside as you may require this segment, in the event that you need to fix the same.

    9. Take the LED and put it on the Apple logo.

    At that point, set back the battery and every one of the connectors which you had put before.

    10. Put the froth as appeared in the photo and stick it with the tape.