You Haven’t Used These Awesome Android Top Secret Features Till Now!


People have been using the android mobiles from years. We think we know all about our phone in which we are busy all the time but my friend there some things that are secret and you don’t really have a hint about them. You can do a lot omre than you have ver done with your phone.

In this particular article I will let you know some really amazing and awesome things about your android phone that you love to learn.

1. Notification Log.

The first on our list is the Notification Log. This is an in built feature of an andriod phone. There are number of things that you can do with this feature. To activate the same you just need to follow a samll procudure. From widget go to settings and then to notification log.

This sweet thing will give you all the information that was done on your phone in pervious cuople of hours. So don’t worry the next time someone takes your phone from you, just take the advantage of this features and know each and every detals of what was done on your phone.

2. Zoom in Maps.


Zoom in Maps. As you know and that we all have realized, Google maps play a very vital roles in your daily lives and especially when we are in a new city but while drving it’s always a proble to zoom in the map as our other hand is usually busy on the steering wheel. So to remove this problem and make you next drive with Google maps easier try to tap twice on the map, this is will zoom in the location and will make your work a lot easier.

3. Move cursor.

Move cursor fearures was although long back incorporatedin the phones but only a few know this feature. This is quite an amazing feature of the phone. To use this you can press and hold the spacebar and move to move your cursor. Do try it next time you pick your phone.

4. Root without PC.

Root without PC, new to you? A lot us have rooted and want to root the phone to get to use it wityhout limits. Many of us have been rooting phone from the help of a pc but it can be rooted on its on by getting the correct app to root the phone.

5. NFC alternate routes.

NFC alternate routes. Everone would agree that NFC is truely underrated particulary in our country, India. This can bought for only some 1000 bucks.

6. Keyboard secret.

There have been time when we have literally fought wit our keyborad to get certain words in capital and other in small. A lot of times we have had to earse entire contet to have it written in a correct manner.