This Indian Wrestler Who Could Lift 1,200 Kgs Inspired Bruce Lee


With regards to wellness and wrestling, Bruce Lee has dependably been administering. Yet, have you considered how the ace Bruce Lee was propelled to get into the field? All things considered, hailing from Baroda, India (now Vadodra) a youthful wrestler in his 20s was the motivation behind the legend, Bruce Lee.

The young fellow was known as Gulam Muhammad, however prevalently called as Gama Pehalwan. He was most likely the primary renowned wrestler to be an Indian. He began to take an interest in wrestling competitions led worldwide at an extremely youthful age and wound up plainly popular in the field. Gama Pehalwan voyaged abroad and started winning awards for India. He’s been the motivation for some youthful wrestling gifts in India.



Gulam Muhammad wound up noticeably well known subsequent to preparing with a mammoth stone that weighed 1,200 kg. He could without much of a stretch convey the stone and he transformed into a motivation for some youthful wrestlers. The monster stone weighing 1,200 kgs is put in plain view in the Baroda Museum in Sayajibaug as a respect to Gama Pehalwan’s quality.


This Pehalwan wasn’t simply one more person. He used to devour heaps of yakhni(broth of sheep), a large portion of a kilogram of margarine, 4 kilograms of natural product, and 20 liters of drain.


The whole world must be motivated by Bruce Lee because of his undying devotion towards combative techniques. In any case, Bruce Lee was propelled by none other than our extraordinary Indian Pehalwan.

He made his wrestling debut in Jodhpur. Among 400 experts, Gama Pehalwan was positioned in the best 15.He began preparing since he was 10.He entered real group wrestling matches by the age of 17.


Some of his awesome matches were held in England. He tested any 3 wrestlers and vanquished them in less than 30 minutes paying little mind to their weight divisions.


He has won matches against proficient wrestlers inside seconds. Till date, he keeps on moving the Indian wrestlers with such a variety of wins in his pocket.