These Words That Are Banned From Usage In The British Royal Family


The Royal Family of Britain has dependably been in the eye of the tempest for whatever it is they wind up doing. Be it Prince William, Prince Harry or even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, journalists/paparazzi from around the globe rush to jump onto their shenanigans.

One would anticipate that the imperial Brits will be a standout amongst the most advanced families on the substance of Earth, truly. Be that as it may, the steady scanner of examination running over them makes even the scarcest of inconsistencies are thought to be a major violation of social norms.

In any case, social anthropologist, Kate Fox, has examined the family to think of a far reaching rundown of the words/states the British eminence dependably avoids utilizing.

Moreover, she has composed a book called ‘Viewing the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behavior’ that considers the different characteristics of the elites which decide the sort of words they never utilize. Sounds like one such refined obligation to have, isn’t that right?

As per her examination, the illustrious family entirely forgoes utilizing the accompanying arrangement of words:

1) Toilet

You will never discover any individual from the regal family utilizing the word ‘can’. Rather, the regal family clearly say “latrine” or “loo.”

Decorum master Myka Meier includes that the Duchess could never say ‘can’, “washroom” or even ‘the women’s room’. She generally utilizes the word ‘latrine’.


2) Pardon

Amid our youth, we were altogether educated to state “absolve” in the event that we misheard something, isn’t that so? It was the sign of a very much mannered childhood. Be that as it may, not with the eminence here.

Amusingly, the British tip top does not take after this manage in light of the fact that clearly, “exonerate” is a revile word in illustrious circles. Ruler William and others say “what” or “sorry.”

3) Couch

The British imperial family never utilizes the word ‘love seat’. Royals never relax around a love seat. They lean toward calling it a ‘couch’. Uncanny, isn’t that so? Indeed, you just gotta expect the surprising from the self important.


4) Living Room

Buckingham Palace is a sprawling bequest with various rooms. Notwithstanding, none of those rooms is known as a “parlor” or a ‘cave’. Notwithstanding ‘parlor’ is similarly disapproved of.

The illustrious family dependably alludes to these rooms as ‘drawing rooms’ or ‘parlors’. As though they are really rooms uncommonly designated for drawing/sitting? – who knows-

5) Mum and Dad

All the regal youngsters generally allude to their folks as “Mummy” and ‘Daddy’, never “Mum” and ‘Father’, which Prince Charles demonstrated when he alluded to his mom as “Mummy” in a discourse he gave out of appreciation for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

6) Perfume

Gentry can regularly be judged through a large group of components, for example, appearance, taste, smell or aroma, and so forth. Princess Diana used to wear a mark fragrance called ‘Quelques Fleurs’.

She would dependably wear her mark “aroma” and could never allude to the odor as originating from her ‘fragrance’. Figure that is the place the convention begun, huh?