Some Magnificent Pictures from National Geographic Photo Contest

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National Geographic is known as pioneer in best Nature photography. Consistently they sort out photography challenge which recieves a huge number of passages. This year National Geographic got 18,000 passages. Out of them , 3 got first, second, third prize individually. 7 of them got justify prize and 1 is Viewer’s Choice. These pictures are amazing and they will abandon you stunningness roused. You most likely will skirt a few beats when you experience each photo. Here are all the triumphant pictures of National Geographic Photo Contest. We trust you appreciate these pictures. How would you felt subsequent to taking a gander at each photo, don’t hesitate to remark and offer it with your friends and family. You can likewise tail us on twitter @evrystory.

1. Winner : Independence day, Julesburg, Colorado, USA

“While on storm pursuing endeavors in Tornado Alley in the U.S. I have experienced numerous photogenic supercell storms. This photo was taken while we were moving toward a tempest close Julesburg, Colorado, on May 28, 2013. The tempest was tornado cautioned for over 60 minutes, yet it remained a LP [low precipitation] storm through every one of its cycles and never created a tornado, simply intermittent brief channels, substantial hail, and some rain. Photograph and Caption by Marko Korosec.


2. Second Place: First time Dinner, Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, Israel.

Mea Shearim, the ultra-Orthodox area of Jerusalem. Recently wedded couple Aaron and Rivkeh will be separated from everyone else together surprisingly after their wedding function. Their marriage was orchestrated by their families. The 18-year-olds met once to affirm the decision; from that point forward they have been precluded to meet or even talk. Photograph and inscription by Agnieszka Traczewska.

3. Third place ” A Diver in Magic Kingdom, Green Lake, Tragos, Austria.

Green Lake (Gruner See) is situated in Tragoss Austria. In spring snow dissolve raises the lake level around 10 meters. This marvel, which keeps going just fourteen days, covers climbing trails, knolls, and trees. The outcome is an enchanted jumping scene. Photograph and inscription by Marc Henauer.


4. Legitimacy: Foggy, Small Town, Cesky Krumlov, South Bohemian, Czech Republic.

This photograph was caught at twelve on December 25, 2013, from the stronghold which is situated on the edge of the residential area and is the ideal perspective for the display of the practically in place recorded town. The mist and fog suffused and gave the town a feeling of secret. Photograph and subtitle by Duowen Chen.

5. Legitimacy :End of the World, Banos, Ecuador.

This photograph, taken in Banos, Ecuador, catches a man on the swing sitting above an emitting Mt Tungurahua. The emission occurred on 1 February 2014. Minutes after the photograph was taken, we needed to empty the range in light of an approaching fiery remains cloud. Photograph and subtitle Sean Hacker Teper.

6. Legitimacy: Ladies in Waiting, Burough Market, London.

While investigating Borough Market in London, I was pleased to run over four flawless young ladies wearing vintage white dresses, eating frozen yogurt as the neighborhood retailer looked on. Is it true that they are ladies? Or, on the other hand bridesmaids? I donã¢â‚¬â„¢t know, however they are clearly getting a charge out of an extremely extraordinary day. Photograph and subtitle by Susie Stern.

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