Selena Gomez’s Wardrobe Malfunction Was Way ‘Too Much’


Xamlena Gomez is popular Amrican singer we all have know from quite a while. In recent past the singer has exposed more that we could have ever imagined. We dont know that happened out sheer accident or was done knowinlgy but happened when she was going for her song “Bad Liars” promotion in Los Angeles.

The American singerSelena Gomez was wearing atense white colured top with dark strap flower belt on her waist with pants. The upper piece of her gament was exposing way more than should be seein. The outfit was a complete malfuction and was exposing beyond a level the level of exposure.

People went wild after seeing her outfit. It was a wardribe malfuction to  the publuc but to the singer, that fact hardly mattered.


When seen from the front it looks absolutly perfect and adorable but has a completed difrrent story from the side profile. The upper part of the outfit was barely able to cover the body and was reveling way too much. People in the crown could literlly see beyond the limits and were gazing for all the wrong reasons


The texas born singer wore a dark colored pants and white sandel with pink coloured lip shade and dark lashes.