Secrets Of Famous Wives That Prove They Were Good At Hiding Things


Great girls and the teribble girls that never get caught. Here we are with a list of some of the most know ladies in the history that you would to read about. Turns out they have some mysteries attached to them that you would want to know.

Almost all of us have some shorcoming and some secrets but these ladies the previliges that could hide all of them very sweetly. This was hidden from the common people for a very long time until there near ones let it out.


Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady of America

Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady of America back in her times smoking has regarding as something very popular among ladies but was not appriciated in public. Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady of America had a baht for smoking which was very nicely covered up. Even the photographers of the White House were prohibited to take her photos with with cigarrate. It is rumoured that she used to smoke upto three bundels a day.

Princess Diana, England

Princess Diana was a living icon in her time. She was admired by every class of people b ut a very few that her husband price charles was shaky about Princess Diana’s physical appearance and often questioned her figure.

Mary Todd Lincoln.

Mary Todd Lincoln, the first lady of America, wife of well known Abraham Lincoln was from a very well to do family and never had in mind what it was to be short of money in life.

Mary Todd Lincoln took pleasure in reestablishingthe White Hhouse time and again and used to buy some very lavish and costly showpices and objects resulting which eventually ran out of funds and was questioned a lot for her expenditure.

Imelda Marcos, Philippines

Imelda Marcos, wife of the president of Philippines is also known for her wild expenses she made out of government funds which was for a better use. She was given the nickname “Steel Butterfly”, she ended up plainly enamored with shopping in the wake of getting unsupervised course to the country’s budgetary held money.

The FLOTUS, Nancy Reagan.

Nancy Reagan, One of the close deep rooted accomplices to the US President, Ronald Reagan. She changed over to be sure more worried about her significant other’s wellbeing after a murdering trial in 1981.