Mysterious Locked Rooms Inside The Taj Mahal Were You Can Not Go!


You wouldn’t recall all the seven marvels, however you certainly would recollect Taj Mahal. This eminent landmark that is the pride of India has a story that has been dissolving the hearts of a huge number of individuals. In any case, do you think this monster structure would simply comprise stories of broad structures, compositional outlines and gardens? In no way, shape or form!

Aside from the everlasting romantic tales of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, there is one baffling story about mystery rooms inside this landmark which aren’t available to the regular open. Feeling inquisitive right?

As individuals found about these rooms, many supposed stories grabbed and connected with individuals. Guests of Taj Mahal were captivated about these rooms and started investigating progressively and have accompanied their intriguing speculations behind this riddle. However, what’s uncommon is the reason the administration is not offering access to these fixed rooms to people in general? We should leave that to the authorities.


1. Mystery curves that prompt 1089 rooms.

It is said that in the most profound and darkest route to the hallways on the off chance that you nearly examine, the curves and the rectangular ventilators above have been fixed with various sizes of marble and tints. These curves take you to the mystery stairs which prompt various rooms encased behind these curves.


1.1 Secret curves where one wouldn’t set out to visit.

Who might need to go into these dim rooms? Numerous such entryways of chambers in mystery rooms underneath the Taj Mahal have been fixed with block and lime.

1.2 Would you need to go inside?

There are a huge number of curves like these and that have their own stories.


2. Something covered up close to Mumtaz’s grave.

We as a whole realize that there is a grave of the dearest Mumtaz at this place, which is at the riverside. Be that as it may, what individuals don’t know is there is a two story marble structure that covers up alongside the riverside. Why is it concealed that way?

3. Adding religion point to the mystery.

Another point that Hindu devotees accepted was that, Taj Mahal was initially a Hindu sanctuary for Lord Shiva. Shah Jahan secured these ventilators with stone-block or marble block to shroud any Hindu birthplace. He concealed the Hindu icons and pictures in those rooms.

3.1 Symbol from Hindu birthplace.

The columns were loaded with models of Hindu divine beings and goddesses.

3.2 Some Hindu association.

It is additionally said that there are 22 bolted rooms and not 1089, and these rooms with Hindu sketches and figures are covered up by Shah Jahan. The inquiry here emerges is the reason would he need?

3.3 Shah Jahan has shrouded them all.

The columns were engraved and loaded with models of Hindu divine beings and goddesses.

4. Individuals close all gossipy tidbits and give logical rationale.

On the off chance that heavenly exercises are demonstrated through science, at that point why not this? Individuals are relating it to a straightforward rationale. The explanation behind fixing those entryways was that inside chambers are made of marble which change over into calcium carbonate when presented to overabundance of carbon dioxide gas, we people breathe out.