Most Funniest Wedding Cakes Fails Ever!


It’s you’re wedding day, the day that every last single lady of the hour longs for from when she is only a young lady playing house and spruce up, to the day she at last says her promises. As a wedded lady, I can genuinely say that there is no other uncommon day in your life that very analyzes to the day you say ‘I do’ to the man you had always wanted.

In any case, there are numerous things that can destroy your favored occasion, for example, an alcoholic bridesmaid for example, or a torn dress, or even (paradise preclude) a completely messed up wedding cake! As abnormal as it sounds, a few people who are endowed to heat and convey the most consecrated of cakes do in certainty figure out how to cockerel up in the most incredible ways. What’s far more detestable, despite everything they have the guts to really convey those goofs to the clueless marriage match!

See underneath for 22 epic wedding cake disappointments, found at different sources everywhere throughout the web, that would make any lady cry (and I am not talking tears of satisfaction here).


On the left hand side of the photo above we can see a delightful white fondant, three layered cake painstakingly hung with crisp red flower petals. To one side of the picture, we can see the floundered endeavor at making the rich cake on the left. In the event that you look significantly more carefully at the bungled endeavor, you will see what appears to be maidenhair plant leaves, haphazardly set everywhere throughout the cake too; why anybody would accomplish something like this is past me in any case.


I can’t state that I am an aficionado of the first cake outline on the left, notwithstanding, the absolutely epic mess up to the privilege is significantly uglier (something I didn’t think conceivable).


On the left we have a lovely strip impact cake. To the correct we have green vomit on a plate.


A lovely trim impact cake

As should be obvious over, the first cake configuration included an extremely exquisite, four layered light green fondant cake with bind impact edging. What the marriage party got be that as it may, was the blue and green wreckage to one side.

My heart has a place with you

Once more, the ‘Exceptional Occasion Cake’ highlighted to one side of the picture above is a long ways from the evil entity to one side of it.

Inclining tower cake

I some way or another don’t think the ‘inclining impact’ this cake shows was an arranged component.

Yellow, yellow you fortunate individual

I some way or another can’t perceive how any lady of the hour would wake up saying; “gee I think I’ll have my wedding cake made yellow (and unbalanced)”. Along these lines I think we can securely accept the cake presented above was a regal tumble.

Unbalanced in darker and beige

I can’t make my psyche up on whether the cake above is deliberately unbalanced or if this is yet another “uh oh” of a cake.


How a cake store can incorporate the guidelines given with the cake wording is absolutely past my level of comprehension.

Lace cake VS play batter

The cake on the privilege is an exceptionally rich strip highlighted outline while the chaos on the left just looks like seriously shaped play mixture.

Really botanical cake (NOT)

This cake (above) could’ve really worked, if just it was quite recently assembled and adjusted off somewhat better.

Another strip impact turned out badly

I truly don’t think the pictures above need any portrayal…

Planting or wedding?

See, a cake saluting somebody for weeding their garden.

The sushi and birdie cake

You could simply go the ultra abnormal course and have a sushi wedding cake (finish with beans and winged animals)!

The WTF cake

Whatever I can state is ???????