Illegal But Amazing Photographs Captured From Ultimate Heights

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When you’re youthful and wild, you know your life is brimming with enterprises. This is so valid for a portion of the urban climbers who are not frightened of biting the dust and truly fear nothing. A portion of the Russian climbers have chosen to climb the tallest working on the planet. They have set out to Dubai, Hong Kong and Germany to take stunning photos. These photos will make your heart skirt a beat. Try not to set out to attempt these tricks as these folks are prepared experts and carry on with their life hazardously.

These adrenaline junkies have caught photos from the craziest of statures and have strolled there without the dread of death, just with an objective to click staggering scene photos. Each photo will give you chills which you can’t consider. These sorts of tricks are restricted and ought not be attempted at all since they are exceedingly hazardous.


This staggering photo by a urban climber is from Shanghai Tower, which is genuinely perfect. It took 6 years to develop and an incredible $4.2billion. The stature of the tower is 632 meters which makes a stunning sight for the scene sweethearts. Be that as it may, we really encourage you to avoid doing such tricks.


#2 On a Hong Kong high rise

#3 Russian thrill seekers Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov


#4 On the rooftops extend in Hong Kong.

#5 Yes, again on world’s second biggest working, in China.

#6 Nike is all it takes for him to reach there!

#7 Night Birdseye at Hong Kong.

#8 And he catches an awesome shot.

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