10 Things That Girls See in Boys


1 BEHAVIOR-Girls see at the behavior of the boy in the first meeting. Most of us will agree to this statement and who would not. If a girl is dating you or you are dating someone the first things that you will observe is the behavior. Be it of any type but a harsh and non friendly behavior is never going to make much space in a girl’s life. 2 GROOMING- This is too is thing that all girls notice, though they may not say it but that is the one thing they will definitely keep in mind the rest of the time.

3 PERSONALITY-Learn to mind your manners around ladies as it really tough sometimes to impress. Charming a girl is an art which takes time and some are born with it. So the next time you meet a girl just remember to have you manners just the right.
4 HUMOR-Girls like good humored men and boys but being humorous does not mean that you should laugh too much or crack way too many jokes it’s just that you should be funny enough to pass off any embarrassing situation or just make her smile frequently.
5 PHYSIQUE-Well as we all say appearance do matter that is so right. Go build some muscled and abs, the clothes you will then wear will automatically look amazing on you. Doing exercise keep your face radiant and skin glowing that counts a lot when a girl looks at you.

6 CONFIDENCE-You should always be confident in the way you talk, you walk or you do anything. Confidence is the key to success when it comes to girls. Girls always like men and boys who are confident and easy in their own skin. Lack of confidence because of various issues may make you feel awkward and will definitely ruin the situation. So just remember to be confident the next time you see a girl.
7 JOB-You this one depends on the various factor if you are in school of college that won’t matter but if not then having a job or any other business would be better. Girls tend to engage more wit the person who sound and is financially stable to make his own independant decisions.
Make the girl with you feel comfortable enough to speak to you freely also show that you are comfortable around her. This will make situation less awkward and will make thing easy.
9 COMPATIBILITY-A girl also looks at how compatible is the guy is with her. Are your and her ideas, passion and interest same, if yes then good, if not you can surely work on them.
Girls always appreciate men and boys who know how to respect them and people around them.