Best Ice Cream Parlors in Delhi

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Die hard fan of ice cream ? Whether it is summer or winter want ice cream ? These small ranges of happiness can correct what is wrong with you and instantly lift your mood. Here are amazing ice cream parlors in Delhi that you should try . ( Best ice cream parlors in Delhi )

  • Azot Ice Cream Parlor in delhi
Best Ice Cream Parlors in Delhi

Azot is known for its nitrogen ice cream, which is fresh in front of you. Azot’s Ice Cream is a visual and culinary experience. The most famous and most favorite ice cream here is the tiramisu ice cream. Their hot chocolate fuse and brownie sundae are also very popular. Where: C-11, Ground Floor, Community Center, SDA, New Delhi
Cost two: INR 500

Best Ice Cream Parlors in Delhi

  • Cherry Comet
cherry comet ice cream parlor in delhi

Cherry Comet combines science and food with fruitful joy. His specialty is his special ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Coffee Toffee, Banarasi Punch, Chocolate Fudge and Salted Caramel are highly recommended. ( Best ice cream parlors in Delhi )

  • Gelato Roma
Best ice cream parlors in delhi

Located in the village of Hauz Khas, Gelato Roma is an ice cream parlor with seasonal flavors such as mango, pineapple and lemon. Chocolate Chip Sunday is an all-time favorite here.

  • Choco Vault
Choco vault in delhi

If you are anywhere near it, you cannot ignore the exotic chocolate smell that arose from this little ice cream parlor, and if you are chocoholic, you should not miss it. This magnificent shop is famous for showcasing its taste. Its all-time favorite is Bavarian Chocolate, Grand Fondue and Almond Praline.

  • Niice Cream
Niice cream in delhi

This parlor is in Hauz Khas Village,New Delhi . Here you can choose your own ice cream’s flavors and all the add-ons by yourself and enjoy this the way you want it .

  • Frugar Pop
frugarpop in delhi

This ice cream parlor is fruit based parlor in Delhi . Here you will get fruit flavored ice cream . Famous here are – Peach Plum Cranberry , Green Apple Mint, Triple berry . You will enjoy every scoop of your ice cream that too at a reasonable rate .

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