7 Best Car Donation Programs In USA


7 Best Car Donation Programs In USACar donation is the best way to get rid of your vehicle. There is much organization which takes such donation. You easily go and undertake the process in a non-profit organization. Although car donation is an easy process and a good way to give away your car but sometimes the car sale value given to you will be maximum of 13% which is quite low.

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7 Best Car Donation Programs In USACar Donation Programs In USA

1. One Car, One Difference: Insurance Auto Auctions Donation Division runs this public awareness campaign. One Car, One Donation handles all aspects of donation.

2. Charity Motors: This is a highly efficient charity that accepts vehicle donation. They donate a high percentage of the proceeds to the charity of your choice

3. Car Donation Wizard: Car Donation Wizard Advanced Remarketing Services is a  commercial fundraising organization has its vehicle donation tool and 80 percent of the proceeds to the charities that contract with them which includes Habitat for Humanity.

7 Best Car Donation Programs In USA4. The Arc Vehicle Donation: This not-for-profit organization serves for intellectual and developmental disabilities. It has a contract with Melwood, Who employs people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in its Charity Car Donation Center.

5. Allstate Car Donations: This one isn’t affiliated with the same name of the insurance company but the Center for Living & Learning, Van Nuys, California. It provides paid vocational apprenticeship to the recovering addicts, at-risk populations and ex-offenders.

6. Riteway Charity Services: This too is a highly reputable commercial fundraising organization which passes between 75 and 100 percent of the net proceeds from donations to the charities that contract with them.

7. V-DAC (Vehicle Donations to Any Charity): To Passes 70-75% of the net proceeds to the charities having a contract with them. The Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program is driven by the force of V-DAC and Advanced Remarketing Services.


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