5 Most Famous Lawyers Of All Times!


5 Most Famous Lawyers Of All Times!Life of a lawyer can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Even if it may require rigorous schooling years and preparation. But all these do matter as lawyers contribute to the shaping of laws that changes the history and lives of people. Today we will discuss some of the famous and history changing lawyers.

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Most Famous Lawyers Of All Times

5 Most Famous Lawyers Of All Times!1. Hugo Grotius (1583 – 1645): In the early 1600s, Hugo Grotius comprise a set of laws that completely altered the way of countries relating to each other. These laws made the co-existing even more peaceful. He is one of the most reputable lawyers in history.

5 Most Famous Lawyers Of All Times!2. Cesare Beccaria (1738 – 1794): Law was the means to brutally punish the criminals before the release of On Crimes and Punishment, book by Cesare Beccaria. Through this book, he changed the point of view towards controversial matters such as torture, death penalties and many more.

5 Most Famous Lawyers Of All Times!3. Charles Hamilton Hudson (1895 – 1950): He is also known as the man who killed Jim Crow because of his role in the fight of civil rights. He was the first lawyer to prove the inequality that separate but equal, imposed by Missouri ex. Rel. Gaines vs. Canada.

5 Most Famous Lawyers Of All Times!4. Thurgood Marshall (1908 – 1993): Murray v. Pearson was the case during which he had his noticeable victory. Murray had an exceptional credential but was excepted as a student in University Of Maryland School Of Law because of his skin color. the court decided in favor of Murray and ruled out segregation in the state of Maryland.

5 Most Famous Lawyers Of All Times!5. Barbara Jordan (1936 – 1996): Another famous lawyer who managed to change the world through his dedication to the law and insight. Barbara Jordan was an African-American woman who served as a Texas state senate. She managed to change the manner the competitive feild of law looked towards African-American women by sponsoring and co-sponsoring more 300 resolutions or bills on criminal defense and other very important matters.