10 Celebrities Who Tricked All By Acting As Their Own Doppelgänger


There are no restrictions to creative energy in film making, and with the sort of innovation progression we’re seeing in the cutting edge age, nearly everything appears to be conceivable.

With methods of embellishments being made so natural to use for any apprentice, producers around the globe are testing new things to engage the gathering of people.

One such examination was led in noiseless film, Lady of the Night, in 1925. The motion picture featured Norma Shearer in a twofold part. The film got great reaction however it was the strategy, which did the trap.

As far back as at that point, many stars like Lewis Stone to Ronald Colman to Nicholas Cage to Dove Cameron have assumed twofold parts. We’ve seen it everything except did not see it that way.

For most recent nine decades, performers and on-screen characters have been playing their doppelganger in a similar film or TV programs.

WittyFeed brings you 10 remote movies and TV appears in which performing artists assumed twofold parts.


#1 Lisa Kudrow in Friends

The greater part of us have seen the super hit sitcom arrangement, Friends, and a few of regardless us recall numerous scenes yet did we focus on specific scenes in which Phoebe (performing artist Lisa Kudrow) assumed the twofold part.

More intriguing that Phoebe Buffay’s ‘lost-and-discovered’ twin, Ursula, was initially a character in Mad About You.


#2 Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap.

This 1998 discharge rocket propelled the vocation of Lindsay Lohan and earned her an easily recognized name status. The two lead parts, Californian Hallie Parker and Londoner Annie James, both were performed by her.

#3 Hilary Duff in Lizzie McGuire.

Hilary went about as her European copy in The Lizzie McGuire film. Indeed, even at one section in the motion picture, she was spotted duetting a tune with the doppelganger.


#4 Jennette Mccurdy in iCarly and Sam and Cat

Jennette performed both Sam and Melanie Puckett in iCarly and Sam and Cat. Sam’s character was more about her tricks and nonchalance for rules while Melanie was her detestable twin.

#5 Dove Cameron in Liv and Maddie.

On the Disney station, Dove played Liv Rooney, who is a big deal Hollywood on-screen character and her twin Maddie also, who is a secondary school b-ball champion in Wisconsin.

#6 Legend

Tom Hardy played, Ronald “Ronnie” Kray and Reginald “Reggie” Kray, in the alarming film, Legend. This was discharged in 2015.

#7 Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries

Spiritualist Falls, which is invade by otherworldly animals included Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce. Both the characters have been performed by Nina Dobrev.

#8 Leonardo DiCaprio in The Man In The Iron Mask.

Leonardo of Titanic popularity won our hearts by playing his doppelganger in The Man In The Iron Mask.

#9 Maggie Lawson in Model Behavior.

In 2000, the film Model Behavior engaged us with a romantic tale between Justin Timberlake and an ordinary woman who furtively moves her existence with big name doppelganger.

#10 Nicholas Cage in Adaptation.

Discharged in 2002, Adaptation recounts an account of affection torn essayist who neglects to adjust ‘The Orchid Thief’ by Susan Orlean for the silver screen. Nicholas Cage has played two characters in this film, Donald Kaufman and Charlie Kaufman.