Mysterious Facts About Donal Trump


Mysterious Facts About Donal Trump#10. Verbal Contract With Wife Melania Trump: Donal Trump made a verbal contract with Melania about her body. In the book, Inside The Trump Marriage: Melania’s Burden, it states before Melania became pregnant with Barron, Trump made a deal with her that she must get her body back after the pregnancy. She promised him that everything would go back the way it was. During the pregnancy he did nothing to help her.

Mysterious Facts About Donal Trump#9. Ran a Scam University: Even though it had the word “university” in it, Trump university wasn’t a university at all. There instructors were trained to be salesmen, providing free seminars on how to become rich just like trump. But the entire thing was a bait-and switch scam. Once students went to seminars, they were sold several expensive packages on how to learn more. One was which was of $35,000.



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