Just 17 Hilarious Reactions To Steve Harrington In The New Season Of “Stranger Things”


So after the season 1 of “Stranger Things” and new season has given Steve Harrington a new and more serious role. The season two on Stranger Things was out in October 2017. The series is a Netflix original and is loved and watched by many. The series has truely made many fans by its amazing direction, caste and script. The season two of the series has been up to the expectations of the people. It was a long awaited series and Netflix is now taking over the Indian market too by its amazing shows and content. The characters in the series are same but their roles have taken a turn and this is going to be very exciting.

The picture shows us quite some of it. The Netflix original serioes “Stranger Things” has fulfilled the expectation of its regular viewers and has been really successful in getting the views. The feeling it gives of 80s is somethings we all miss somewhere down the line. That essence of the series is strong enough to lure the viewers. The series offers a good amount of entertainment and fun. Some have even admitted on twitter that the second season is much more awesome than the first one.