Car Donation In California


Car Donation In CaliforniaSo you are looking for car donation in California? Donating your car to charity is a good decision. It gives you a dual benefit for giving away your property to the ones who need it and getting your unwanted vehicle off your parking. Car donation also workes good in tax deduction.

Let’s discuss are some points to help you donate your car in California and cover some very specific requirements that you should fulfill.

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  • Submit an online car donation form or contact the charity you want to donate your vehicle to.
  • Check if the charity is an IRS recognized a nonprofit organization if you want to claim your tax deduction under car donation.
  • The tax receipt may give you a tax deduction of up to $500.
  • In the state of California, make sure to remove your license plate for the vehicle before the pickup as it remains with it.
  • The one step that you don’t want to miss is to fill a Release of Liability with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Your vehicle qualifies for a fair market value tax deduction only when it sells above $500.
  • The amount you can deduct from your taxes may vary because of different factors.

Most charities are knowledgeable about the car donation, so if you have any doubt regarding this concern or the paperwork, you can contact them. However, regarding your tax claim on donations, you should always consult an accountant or a CPA. For additional queries related to the donation process, you can visit the website of California DMV for the state-specific requirements and latest information or visit your local DMV.

Hope this article helped you to know how to proceed to donate your vehicle in the state of California.