13 Unexpected Objects Inside Ordinary Things


Unexpected Objects Inside Ordinary Things#1. Big and small: Under the big lighter that we purchase is the normal small sized lighter that we purchase for a relatively smaller price.

Unexpected Objects Inside Ordinary Things#2. Ruler inside the slap band: Under most of the slap wrist bands are the flexible rulers we used in childhood. You can remove the wrapper and see whats under it.

Unexpected Objects Inside Ordinary Things#3.A you getting cheated? :To avoid shoe smell we often purchase shoe deodorisers but did you know that underneath the cover of the bottle is the normal anti perspiring which leaves no white marks on clothes?

Unexpected Objects Inside Ordinary Things#4. Stuffed ball: This is the baseball which is filled with material and pool balls. Hahahah couldn’t even imagine this one.

Unexpected Objects Inside Ordinary Things#5. Refurbished ball: This is bowling ball which looks refurbished but it made on an old one. Now that’s a good idea to save money on a new one!

Unexpected Objects Inside Ordinary Things#6. Surpise!: Sometimes to harden things up and to give them some support, old cartons and wrappers are used.

Unexpected Objects Inside Ordinary Things#7. Unity is strength: Wow! this is surprising! A big battery is made of some small batteries! The power of unity.

#8. Diaper stuffed rope: Inside some braided ropes are the children’s diaper which are discarded. That’s so gross!

#9. Dice stuffed horse: This piece of chess board game is made up of old dices.

#10. Marble makes noise: When we shake a spray we often hear something inside like a small ball hitting againt the spray bottle. Sometime the small ball inside is a marble.

#11. Glue inside glue: The super glue that you have purchased might not be something that you think. This super glue has a different packing but the inside material totally different. Inside is the Russian glue that does all that hard work.

#12. Old become new: This dice got its paint worn off. It is just a new paint on an old one to make it new.

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com