Some Of The Shortest Marriages Of Film Industry


Some Of The Shortest Marriages Of Film IndustryMarriage relationship used to last for decades, couples used to in love till the last breath. This reality has now faded away. People who come together because of fondness for each other are now separating even more quickly. A lot of divorces are seen in present scenario. Be it because of lack of tolerance or any other reason, breakage of any marriage effects both the parties and their families to a great extent. Film industry is not untouched by this, people here leave their partner even more quickly. You will astonished to see how quickly marriages break in filmi world. Let’s start with the classic beauty of Bollywood Rekha..

Some Of The Shortest Marriages Of Film Industry#1. Mukesh Agarwal and Rekha (12 Months): The evergreen beauty of Bollywood, actress Rekha married a Delhi-based agent Mukesh Agarwal in 1990. After a few months of their marriage, Mukesh went into unending depression. Just after one year in 1991, Mukesh Agarwal committed suicide leaving a note behind saying that no one was responsible of his actions. The couple stayed for only one year together.Some Of The Shortest Marriages Of Film Industry#2. Karan Singh Grover and Shraddha Nigam (10 Months): Dil Mil Gaye fame Karan Singh Grover was married to his girlfriend and lover Shraddha Nigam. Bothe were madly in love with each other but the marriage could not last long. The filed for divorced within 10 months. I know that’s too quick to end a relationship. It is said the relationship was adversely affected by the extramarital affairs of Karan Singh Grover. He married two more times. Presently he is married to the Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu. Karan is known for his playboy attitude in TV world.