15+ Funny Times When People Try To Be Creative


#1. When you want mores peed and adventure with your skaters. This will definitly give you adventure, a lot of it. I doubt of the speed.

#2. What an amazing knife holder! I’m he was out of knife holders and loved them too much to keep them bare.

#3. Amm.. I seriously don’t know what the person was upto but what kind of creativity is this? Who want to cover his car with stones!

#4. When you can simply insert the plug why do so much of hard work! But then I salute his creativity dude! What a masterpiece.

#5. What an amazing idea to save your money! Even banks will not be able to keep your money so safe! No one can ever imagine money inside a toothpase tube.#6. Amazing fix when you can find anything to wear as slipper or shoes. Just fix some legos and do the thing.#7. Dropped an oreo while dunking it in the milk? no problem, you won’t need to dirty your hands now. Just grab chopsticks and you are done.#8. When you have a super comfy chair that you just don’t want to leave but you also have a game on PC to play.#9. When you travel cheap and the airline has nothing to offer to cover your eyes but you want to sleep anyways!#10. Well this is something amazingly creative! I love this idea and would definitely try it one days!#11. When you realise that you haven’t really grown up and you want your car like your doll house. What else can I say?#12. When holding a mobile become a boring thing and you miss old fashioned telephones. This will really work in that case.#13. Awesome, so the next time you break your cycle’s front tyre, just grab your old skate bord. It may work.#14. This is for someone who is too hygienic and is a ‘grem-free’ freak. This will definitely work for anyone like that.#15. This is way too creative. To remove all the other parts which doesn’t have pepperoni on it. Amazing i must say.