11 Crazy Things That Only iPhone Owners Have To Go Through In This Unfair & Cruel World


11 Crazy Things That Only iPhone Owners Have To Go Through In This Unfair & Cruel WorldiPhone users always stand out of the crowd because many obvious reasons but these obvious reasons become trouble for the users sometimes. If you are an iPhone user will you must have faced all of these situations many a time. These are super relatable and funny things that happen with an iPhone user. So let’s have a look of all these things one by one..

#1. Staying outside the store full night to get your iPhoneTo buy a brand new iPhone on the launch date you will have to line up or even sleep outside the store to be the first one in the morning to purchase the phone. Such is the craze of an iPhone.

#2. Be the first one to buy the iPhone and then instantly drop it
When after the struggle of staying up all night in front of the iPhone store you finally buy it and then instantly drop it. No words. Everyone can feel that pain.
#3. You always have to carry different cables with you to charge your different Apple devices. You always have to face the struggle of carrying different charging cables from your different Apple devices because borrowing one is not an option usually.
#4. Every iPhone cable becomes like this at some point of time. This always happens. Every Apple original cable will look like this at some point of time. No matter how much you care and love it, it will end up like this. THE PAIN OF SEEING THIS CONDITION IS IMMENSE!
#5. You always have to face this problem of adopter. This always happen because no other phone charging cord fits into the iPhone. Only an Apple user can understand this situation. So you always have to carry your charger of the converter.
#6. Map’s in iPhones are not the best ones we all know that. Even I, being an Apple user support this claim to be 100 percent true! I ultimately have to open Google maps every-time i have to find a way to reach somewhere.
#7. Auto Correct is hell wrong always!Yes, this is the problem which is faced by all Apple users until you actually turn off the auto correct option from the phone settings. I have faced a lot of similar disasters myself.
#8. Face ID  iPhone X has eliminated any buttons on the phone. This leaves with only face ID to unlock your phone. People have given many funny responses on Apple face ID which gave birth to a lot of memes like these.
#9. Bend it like BeckhamEarly reports after the iPhone 6 was launched was it can get bend. like seriously!? I doubt if that’s even true! The next one is even more funny…
#10. iPhones can cost you your body parts!With every new phone launched, the price soars high. iPhone nowadays are so expensive that a normal person may even have to sell his kidney to buy one. this was purely a joke, no offence to anyone.
#11. New iPhone every SeptemberEvery year a new phone is launched with some amazing new features and structure and even if the the new is not very different from the previous one, everybody still wants to but it.

Image credits: indiatimes.com