Mysterious Facts About Donal Trump


Mysterious Facts About Donal Trump#8. Donald Trump Is Bald: He goes to great lengths to cover up his bald scalp. In the book fire and fury: Inside Trump’s White House, it’s claimed that trump is totally bald and had scalp reduction surgery. The procedure requires surgeon to snip part of your bald scalp and stretch the hair-covered portion of your skull over it. He also takes a hair-loss drug called “finasteride” that causes some severe side effects.

Mysterious Facts About Donal Trump#7. Inappropriate Comments On his Daughter: On several occasions, Donald Trump made very uncomfortable and unsettling comments about his own daughter, Ivanka Trump. In 1997, when she was just 16 years old, he said “Don’t you think my daughter is hot? She is hot, right? He also said that she is ‘voluptuous’ and it was ok to call her “a peice of ass”. on other occasion he said, if she weren’t her daughter, he might be dating her.