Amazingly Mysterious Places In India With Secrets And Beliefs


We as people are anxious to know increasingly and investigate about the puzzling spots, protests on the planet.

A few things seem abnormal, unbelievable and remain the way they are. We are flabbergasted with specific episodes, spots and inquisitive to know how it functions. In any case, not all things can be clarified or contemplated.

India, which is a land social decent variety, is loaded with astounding things and marvel that unexpected the world.

The nation keeps on stunning us with its astonishing insider facts and disclosures since they make no sense. There are many spots with stories in our country that will give you the creeps.

The spots specified beneath are more strange than Bigfoot! Bigfoot is a simian-like animal of American old stories that is said to occupy woods, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot is typically depicted as a vast, shaggy, bipedal humanoid.


The tasteful Lepakshi sanctuary otherwise called Veerabhadra sanctuary was worked in the sixteenth century and is situated in a little chronicled town of Lepakshi in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. It is situated around 15 kilometers east of Hindupur and 120 km north of Bangalore.

The sanctuary has 40 columns. One of them is the “hanging column”. It hangs with no help at the base. Guests at the sanctuary put questions beneath the column with a conviction that it will make the protest consecrated.


Kodinhi town is arranged in Malappuram locale in Kerela. Youngsters conceived in this town are for the most part twins. Kodinhi is home to more than 200 sets of twins and two arrangements of triplets. The story behind this wonder is obscure however specialists and analysts accept there is something in the water of this town. Weird!


This supernatural stone measures 70 kilograms and can’t be lifted by whatever other means aside from by index fingers. This stone lies in the sacred Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh sanctum at Shivapur, Maharashtra, where 11 individuals lift the stone by their pointers to evacuate the revile by getting out the holy person’s name. Lifting up such a weight with only a finger is incomprehensible. It is said that Hazrat Qamar Ali put a revile on this stone 800 years prior in light of the fact that it was utilized for physical activities.


In spite of the fact that difficult to trust, it is a significant renowned secret. There is a little town called Shani Shignapur, found 35 kms far from Ahmednagar.

Shani town is celebrated for Shani sanctuary. However, that is not its exclusive specialty. The houses in this town have no entryways yet just door jambs. This is on account of burglaries don’t happen. The town has zero wrongdoing rate.

Roopkund lake otherwise called Skeletons Lake looks frightening as damnation. Around 300 skeletons can be seen underneath the surface of the lake when the ice softens. It is situated at a stature of 16,500 feet in Himalayas. The measurable tests uncover that carcasses have a place with fifteenth century.


The Magnetic Hill, otherwise called Gravity Hill, makes an excellent wonder where you think you are going tough. You feel this when you are really heading downhill.

These charming slopes are situated at an elevation of 11,000 feet above ocean level close Leh in Ladakh.

The format and the surroundings of the territory makes a deception where you can really drive without turning on your vehicle’s start and feel the enchantment of fantasy.


Would you be able to trust that? A large number of individuals rush at Chilkur Balaji sanctuary in Hyderabad for only one wish. It is to get visa for remote travel. It is trusted that Lord Balaji gifts them the consent to travel and experience their fantasies.


Without any lights in the environment, these otherworldly lights shine up amidst the evenings making it genuine spooky. This happens in the swamps of the West Bengal. These lights have taken many existences of the angler till date.


Dumas Beach is a urban shoreline situated along the Arabian Sea, 21 kilometers south-west of Surat. This shoreline is a spooky place. Furthermore, individuals living in encompassing ranges recount hair-raising stories about it. It is said individuals hear whispers and when they pivot, there is nobody to search for.


Karni Mata sanctuary is home to more than 20,000 rats and the general population going by this sanctuary are not permitted to execute or hurt them. Rats are adored and are viewed as holy in the sacred holy place.


Around 1,500 Paliwal Brahmins once used to live in this town of Kuldhara in Rajasthan and all of a sudden fled. Presently, it is a fruitless land with discharge houses and broken structures. It is likewise one of the surrendered towns in India. Individuals trust that the last inhabitants put a revile on the town which made it an unnerving area.


Jwala Ji sanctuary is one of the acclaimed sanctuaries situated in bring down Himalayas in Kangra locale. There is a fire inside a consecrated stone that has been consuming for over a century. The reason is as yet obscure.