Alia Bhatt ditches her own song for THIS dance number at her best friend’s sangeet


Recently Aliya has spotted at her best friend’s wedding and her look went viral all over the internet. He look literally amazing. Her attires and hairstyles are getting in trend. Kripa Mehta, Aliya’s best friend was getting married at Jodhpur. The wedding was a total filmy one and Aliya was seen chilling at her friend’s wedding and enjoying the fullest.At sangeet she did not pick one of her own songs but choose another one. But her performance truly was captivating. She chose the song hawaha from Arjun Kapoor’s Mubarakaan. Her performance was outstanding and enthralling.

Aliya attended her friend’s wedding and seemed to be chilled but for those who do no know her schedule, I must tell that she was already very busy with her schedule and occupied. She has recently started the shooting of two movies and had a award show to qattend but inspite of all the work and tight schedule, she some how managed to get some time for her bestie’s wedding.